Batch PDF Merger Help Page

Using the Award-Winning Batch PDF Merger couldn’t be easier. Our team designed this software to make merging your PDFs a quick and efficient process.

Basic Instructions:

Open the program by double clicking the Batch PDF Merger icon on your desktop (for Mac users, the icon is located in your Applications folder).

  1. You may select PDF files to be merged in one of two ways: Drag and drop your PDF files (or folder containing PDF files) into the application's window. Or, you may click the button "Click here to choose your PDF Files" to select PDFs.
  2. Next, rearrange the files in any order by simply dragging and dropping the files in the program's window (to select multiple files, press the Ctrl key (or Command key on the Mac while dragging).

    If you need to split apart and view individual PDF pages, click the button "Split/View Pages". You will now see a each page of each PDF file in the right window. Place your mouse over each page to view the page. Simply drag and drop the pages to reorder in this window. Selected pages can be removed by clicking "Remove Page", which will delete the selected page(s) in the right window. (Note: Your original files will always remain untouched on your computer).
  3. Finally, click "Merge Files", choose the name and location for the new merged file and you're on your way!

Troubleshooting and Tips:

Recommended Tools and Services

If you need to split your PDF files and permanently save the individual single PDF pages, you need our Multi PDF Splitter desktop tool.

For PDF files that are too large to email (a very common problem), we recommend using one of these free services: Google Drive or Dropbox. Dropbox allows you free storage up to 2GB.

To Uninstall:

For further assistance, please contact our support desk.