Merge Excel Files

With Bulk File Merger, you can quickly merge large amounts of Excel (.xlsx/.xls), CSV, or Text (.txt) files into one large file on your desktop in literally seconds.

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How does Bulk File Merger work?

Easy to use

Simply drag and drop the desired files, arrange them in any order and click merge. Yes, it is actually that easy!

Files stay secure on the desktop

Your documents NEVER leave your computer. Bulk File Merger is the perfect solution when working with highly confidential and valuable documents.

Blazing fast excel merges

How fast? How about merging 120 excel files in 3 seconds sound?

Powerful Excel features

Bulk File Merger's Excel merger can eliminate duplicate rows, merge the first sheet in a workbook, ignore headers, retain formats, and much more!

Excel file merger

File merging done fast and easy thanks to Bulk File Merger

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