Bulk File Merger Help Page

Using the Award-Winning Bulk File Merger couldn’t be easier. Our team designed this software to make merging your files a quick and efficient process.

Basic Instructions:

  1. First, select the type of files you need to convert.
  2. Next you’ll have the option to select your files in one of two ways: Drag and drop your files (or a folder containing files) into the application's main window.

    In the second option you may click the button "Click here to choose files.”
  3. Rearrange the files in the desired order by simply dragging the files within the program's window (to select multiple files, press the Command key (Apple key for Mac users) while dragging).
  4. Finally, simply choose the output folder location and click Okay. The merge will now begin. Yes, it is that easy!

To activate the program with the license key:

Please go to our license activation page.


If you are installing the program for the first time, you will need to have the Administrator's permission. If you are getting an error while updating the program, you may need to restart the computer since you may have had the old version open while you were downloading the latest version. After restarting, you can continue updating to the latest version.

If an error occurs during the merge, this typically means one of your Excel files may be encrypted/secured. These files will need to be decrypted in order to merge.

Merging .xls files: please be aware when merging Excel (.xls) files, there is a maximum allowable row count of 65,536. To go above this number of rows, files will need to be in the .xlsx format, where the upper limit of rows is 1 million+.

For further assistance, please contact us